Language & Representation Modeling Lab

Natural Language Processing | Machine Learning | Data Science

Our lab is broadly interested in addressing real-world problems within the language domain through the latest machine learning techniques.

Recent Activities

[May 16, 2024] 1 paper is accepted to ACL 2024 (Findings) - Unveiling Imitation Learning: Exploring the Impact of Data Falsity to Large Language Model

[April 4, 2024] The technical report on HyperCLOVA X (NAVER's Large Language Model) is now public - HyperCLOVA X Technical Report

[Mar 14, 2024] 1 paper is accepted to NAACL 2024 (Findings) - Instruction Tuning with Human Curriculum

[Mar 11, 2024] LRM Lab website is now open! 👏🏻